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On Super Bowl XXXIX

I have learned a TON about the fabulous New England Patriots and Tom Brady since moving to Maine, mostly from my brother-in-law. He is very modest, however, and thus does not want to take any credit whatsoever for what I now know about the wonderful sport of Super Bowl.

Of course, I also switched my allegiances to the New England Patriots when I moved to Maine from San Francisco, where I was required to be a Golden Gate Warriors fan. So,

To any last minute holdouts on the eve of tonight's big game (February 6, 2005, kickoff 6pm Eastern time)
To the as-yet undecideds
Hopefully to God to any closet apostates who might have a scintilla of an inkling that they will root for the Philadelphia Eagles in tonight's Super Bowl XXXIX. May God have mercy on your feathered souls!

Get your noise makers ready for tonight's inevitable victory and take a gander at the fabulous, the incomparable, the unbeatable, the ADORABLE, THE IRRESISTIBLY CUTE quarterback for the

New England Patriots

Tom Brady!

Watch as Tom and his Patriot gang flatten those Philadelphian fraidy cats flatter than an eagle flop in the first 6-1/2 seconds. (6-1/2? Or is that the point spread? Whatever.) This Patriotic drubbing of the pesky bird will be child's play, mere child's play!

Below photo from LAST YEAR'S NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS SUPER BOWL VICTORY over the Carolina something-or others.

This fabulous photo is in great part responsible for my new found interest in this ball game!


Tom Brady Photo

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