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Hi, Phil!

In a previous email to you, I said this:

"I don't know if you are at all interested in this but I have a really neat trick if you would like to do it - create a web page using Windows Notepad and view it in your browser! Take you 1 minute tops!"

Well, you just did it!

Great fun, wasn't it?

This is fun too:


CSS Cursor Styles



Common Cursors

What the cursor is this??? Could it be Buddy animated?

cursor: auto.

cursor: crosshair.

cursor: default.

cursor: pointer (or: "hand" - just IE).

cursor: move.

cursor: text.

cursor: wait.

cursor: progress.

cursor: help.

Resize Cursors

cursor: hand.

cursor: e-resize.

cursor: ne-resize.

cursor: nw-resize.

cursor: n-resize.

cursor: se-resize.

cursor: sw-resize.

cursor: s-resize.

cursor: w-resize.

cursor: row-resize.

cursor: col-resize.

Vertical Text

cursor: vertical-text.

cursor: all-scroll.

cursor: no-drop.

cursor: not-allowed.

cursor: url-Cartman