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Miss Management

Testing 1 2 3

Everlasting Memories - in progress

Happy Birthday Dhyana!

Still Life With Suki

2006 Christmas Round Robin

Cursor - Buddy Eyes

Amanda and Charlie - Photos

Amanda and Charlie - Movie 1

Amanda and Charlie - Movie 2

Dad & Linda - Hot Air Balloon Over Mead Paper Mill

Tom Brady - Snicker's Commercial


Who's Your Daddy?

Heavy Fuel

Flash Examples

It's Snowing!

Index Test -Dark Brown

Index Test - Red

Index Test - Green

How to Moonwalk

The Meatrix - awesome flash videos regarding industrial meat production (not mine)

Fran Tarkenton - from NFL

My Piece of Shit Car - Adam Sandler-

Pilots Race - Pilots Racing 747s - filmmaker credited

Monty Python-esque - filmmaker credited

Reefer Madness

Howie Mandel & Ted Danson